August 18, 2012

Free Jewelry and How To Make Money Wearing It

One of the things we've been doing at the boutique is looking for products we love and that have us 'thinking outside the Apple Box'.  This new jewelry line is a perfect example.

ABB founder, Leanne Playter Korsos has become involved with Simply You, a Canadian company that speaks to her belief in supporting success for women through learning and career opportunities.

When asked about why she was interested in this particular company, Leanne said,  "I feel it is important for women to be provided opportunities to succeed in business without having to feel we are leaving our family's well-being out of the equation or allowing ourselves to burn out trying to do it all in an inflexible career. This company is one I feel stands by what they say, which is that they are a group of individuals passionate about family, beautiful jewelry and providing the foundation and flexibility for women to succeed as entrepreneurs."

And what of the jewelry?  Well, if the enthusiasm of the women who see the catalogs, the samples and those who wear it is any indication, Simply You has hit a home run.

The pieces are beautiful 'as advertised', but they are also reasonably priced, arrive quickly and there is a full catalog of items to choose from. A big bonus is that everything comes with a lifetime replacement jewelry guarantee.

The company is an up and coming division of Giftcraft Ltd., and has been recognized as one of Canada's 50 Best Managed Companies; which is part of what makes it an excellent opportunity for women wanting to build a career that grows with their family.  As an entrepreneurial venture, it can be a spare time project or as large as you want to build it.

If your interest is simply that you love fun, fashionable, affordable jewelry, the collection can be viewed and purchased at the Simply You Online ShopOrder today and you could be wearing it for dinner next weekend.

If it is a no-pressure, ground-floor entrepreneurial option you are interested in, visit Leanne's Simply You info-site or email Leanne to learn more about how to be compensated financially and with free jewelry for doing what most of us do anyway -- having fun with jewelry and friends.

Sound too good to be true?  "That's what I thought at first, too", says Leanne, "but then I received my starter kit... $1100 worth of jewelry for $199 and it was up to me to either happily wear it and leave it at that, or wear it and tell my friends how to get the same fantastic deal and have us all benefit from it.  The generous commissions and flexibility were huge incentives to build my own home business.  Really, the jewelry does a big part of that for you."
Next time you get together with the girls, just show them your jewelry!

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