August 08, 2012

Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint Reveal - Day 3

Welcome to day 3 of Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint reveal at On The Apple Box.

On Monday, we focused on Flow Blue and yesterday highlighted Mustard Seed Yellow and Lucketts Green.  In our original announcement about the boutique carrying MMSMP we included a Reimagined Monday feature on Tricycle.  Today...

Get ready for Typewriter!

One of Marian's (aka Miss Mustard Seed) favourite decorating elements is vintage fans.  While the black on those lovely old pieces is just the right colour, the name 'fan' wasn't quite working for her. Instead, she called this paint colour "Typewriter" after another fantastic vintage item most often found in shades of black. 

We agree that it feels just right!  Here is Miss Mustard Seed's take on painting with "Typewriter":

"Introducing this color was tricky for me because I don’t usually paint pieces entirely black.  It looks too heavy to me and I think you lose a lot of the detail of the piece.  So, I decided to leave the drawers wood, paint the body black and add a little decorative painting to the front.

Here’s how the dresser started…

Those stripes are contact paper.  I was about to rip them to shreds (figuratively) for being so ugly, but then I realized it was really pretty clever.  They applied a burled-looking contact paper in strips to look like inlay.  Ugly, but the idea is clever.  Very thrifty, too.  I pealed off the contact paper and went right to painting the body of the dresser.  Unfortunately, the stripes where the contact paper was showed through the paint, so I lightly sanded and applied a second coat.  That did the trick.  The front of the drawers were pretty gunky, so I stripped them to expose the pretty wood.

I chalked out a decorative design on the drawer fronts and painted in the details.  I didn’t want to heavily distress this piece, so I just lightly sanded the edges with a sanding sponge.  I didn’t do any prep work or add the bonding agent and the paint didn’t flake on this one.  You just never know!  I finished with my furniture wax, which turned the charcoal-looking paint to a soft black.


This was a fun piece and I love how it turned out."

So do we!  The excitement is building and still there's more to come!  Watch for our next colour reveal tomorrow at On The Apple Box.

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