August 10, 2012

Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint Reveal - Day 5

It's day 5, the last in our week of Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint reveals!  Today we will feature two more colours, bringing the grand total to 8 of the 12 this designer line will launch with.

Why just 8, you ask?  Because the focus of our reveal series was to share real-world projects using the paint, and Miss Mustard Seed is diligently working away on the other 4.  Oh, the anticipation!

In the meantime, lets get straight to it!

We thought we would wait until today to show you the very first colour created and then the most recent colour to have been photographed, and at the end of this post we'll give a sneak-peek of the final four colours!

As Miss Mustard Seed herself would put it, "Say Hello To..."

Shutter Gray

Shutter Gray was the first colour in Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint line. Just a touch of blue makes this a lovely cool grey, reminding Marian of a perfect set of chippy grey shutters she owns and loves.

The test piece is this French dresser -- gorgeous lines but very orange!

One of the coolest things about Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint is that you can leave the bonding agent out of the mix, allowing the painted piece to chip and 'wear' naturally.

It doesn't happen every time, in fact it can be downright unpredictable and not chip at all. We know this isn't for everyone, but for folks like us at Apple Box Boutique it is like Christmas... after painting, hit the sheets and wake up the next morning to some glorious shabby chicness!

Like this...

Oooooo... the perfect amount of distressing, au natural!

We are loving Shutter Gray!

Next up... as promised, the latest Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint reveal project to be completed.

Be still my vintage-loving heart!  Here comes...

Kitchen Scale

Miss Mustard Seed wrote:

"Here’s how this piece started…

Yeah, it’s hard to believe it’s the same piece, isn’t it?

Here’s why I named the color Kitchen Scale…

The color isn’t exactly the same.  My aqua has more green in it, but this scale was my inspiration.

I love how this paint finish turned out.  It only chipped in a few small places, but the entire finish had this wonderful texture.  You can see it if you look closely…

I decided to jazz up the dresser with some branches and blossoms.  I’ve enjoyed the decorative painting I’ve done lately and it seemed fitting for this piece.  It’s a very petite dresser, so it’s perfect for a little girl’s room or guest room.

It chipped just a little bit around one of the knobs.

Since it’s a busy pattern, I kept the decorative painting to the drawer fronts only."

OKAY!  We can breathe again ;)

If the first 8 colours look this fantastic, just imagine how the final 4 will look life-sized:

If you missed our posts fetauring the other colour reveals, here they are…

This is so much fun, and we are really excited to have you along for the fun!
If you like what you've been seeing this week, stop in at On The Apple Box again tomorrow for another big announcement!

[ Insert squeals of delight ]... We can hardly wait!!!

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