June 19, 2012

Project Personality: My Style Crush on Selina Lake

Project Personality
with Apple Box Boutique founder Leanne Playter Korsos

Alright... I confess.  I have a huge style crush on the fabulous Selina Lake.

Granted, she may not be a household name in North America quite yet, but if you follow home decorating or style mags, blogs or books, you likely have witnessed Selina's work.  She is uber-famous in Europe.

The best part?  She is a nice, normal young woman who has made her way up through the ranks, so to speak, with hard work, determination and as she says, big love for what she does.  She humbly credits her success to the advice her parents gave her growing up, "my Mum and Dad always told me to smile, be myself and try my best."

And wow... doing her best has been pretty darned impressive so far!

Selina is based in the UK and is an Interior and Lifestyle Stylist.  The focus of her freelance career is usually to produce images, which are used to sell products, and to inspire magazine and book readers.  But she is also an author and her books are jam-packed with inspiration for decor-loving folks like me.

I like to imagine that we would be friends, or are at least kindred spirits, since she has said that if she were not a Stylist she would "own a boutique, which would sell all the bits and bobs I love, if I could bring myself to part with any of the treasures that is!"  I feel exactly the same way about Apple Box Boutique.

I could go on and on about the perfect loveliness of Selina's work, but believe me, explanation is not required -- instead I will stop with the chatter and simply share some of her work.  The problem now is how ever to choose from all those glorious images!  I may labour over this for hours, or perhaps just close my eyes and point, but either way I hope you enjoy the selections.  (I know I will!)

Okay, so clearly enthusiasm trumps decision-making but this is me reining myself in as much as I can manage, and what you see is just a sampling of Selina's body of work!

Her books to date include "Romantic Style", "Bazaar Style" and released earlier this spring "Homespun Style".  Check out Selina's blog for more about this excellent young stylist, and her website for information on her work and freelance services.

I am off for a cup of spiced tea and some peony arranging... I hope you have a feel-good day, too!

~~ Leanne
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