June 04, 2012

Reimagined Monday: Painted Out`s Sweet Little Vanity

Welcome to Reimagined Monday!  A day dedicated to Annie Sloan chalk paint projects meant to inspire.

If you are a thrifter, a junquer or just love antique furniture you have probably seen a waterfall vanity along your path.  They vary a little in design but generally look like this --  though often the mirror is missing:

It is one of those pieces that people love to look at but many just don`t know quite what to do with.  In today`s world, we have so much selection that our homes are often popuated with all of the latest designs and it is hard to imagine how to fit in some of those great old standards.

Grace at Painted Out has solved the dilemma with her creativity and artful hand.

Here is Grace`s oh-so-lovely take on a fantastic 40`s find:

Stenciled Waterfall Vanity
This poor little vanity needed alot of TLC which I didn't realize until it came home. Some vaneer was peeling off on the bottom, and the drawers were falling apart. I scraped away the cracking vaneer and refilled it and then glued the drawers back together. 

The drawers had the original brass hardware which were big and cluncky. I wanted to use pretty knobs so I filled in the original draw holes and drilled new holes for the knobs. Drawer fronts were sanded along with where the vaneer had to be fixed.  Once that was done It was ready to paint! 

I originally painted it with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in colour Pure White. It sat finished for a few days but didn't seem complete.... it just looked kinda boring.
I then decided to paint it into a blue colour but I didn't feel that that I had the correct shade, so I mixed it. Mixed Annie Sloan Louis Blue (half), Pure White (half) and touch of Duck Egg Blue.

Took two coats and then I distressed it, the Pure White now shows through. The drawers have a simple stencil that I had at home from Michaels and added the knobs. Everything was finished off with a clear wax.

 It's now ready for some little girls room!  

I love how Grace tied in the little bench seat and the sweet glass knobs are the perfect finishing touch!

A very big thank you to Grace for sharing this pretty little vanity.  To see more of her finished pieces visit the Painted Out Facebook Page.

For purchases: Painted Out is located in St. George, Ontario... a quaint little village where the surrounding rolling hills and boutiques filled with antiques and handmade crafts is well worth a visit.  Contact Painted Out via FB for more information!

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