November 19, 2012

Chalk Paint™ Your Leather? You Betcha!

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We've talked about using Chalk Paint on fabric in the past, and today we are featuring a twist on that idea.  Not only can you paint furniture, walls, floors, fabric, concrete, plastic, metal, glass... the list goes on, but you can also paint vinyl and leather!

Amber and Brad of the blog Shades of Amber posted this fantastic example and we wanted to share it with you...

ASCP Leather Sofa

Yes, you read the title correctly! We have a customer, Denise, that used Annie Sloan Chalk Paint on her leather couch and chair! We couldn't believe it either, so we had to take pictures and share.

Purchasing new furniture was not in the budget, and slipcovering it was too feminine for the room. So, why not Chalk Paint it? She was so excited to get started, she almost forgot the before photo. This is "during," but it gives you a good idea of what it looked like before.

And the same section after Chalk Paint and sealed with Clear Wax.

Here is the whole couch right after painting and waxing.

And the chair and ottoman.

And here it is about one month later.

It is very soft to the touch and very natural looking.
Now, it definitely will become more worn with time and use (especially since she has two big dogs that sit on it), but what a great way to update and extend the life of a piece of furniture.

Here again, is one month later, you can see the rugged aged look developing on the seat cushions where the dogs climb up and sit.

It is perfect for her husband's "man cave" and reminds me of a distressed, aged leather sofa you would find in a old English library in a country estate. 
all project photos and material are copyrighted by Shades of Amber, Inc. 
If you're like us, you are now scanning your home for all those leather pieces that don't quite fit with your latest decor.  Let the reimaginings begin!

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