November 05, 2012

Reimagined Monday: Knot Too Shabby with Milk Paint


Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint is selling out all over North America, including at Apple Box Boutique!  So far our most popular colours include Tricycle, Lucketts Green, French Enamel and Kitchen Scale while neutrals like Shutter Grey, Ironstone, Linen and Grain Sack fly off the shelves regularly.

Following are reimaginations from Knot Too Shabby Furnishings using two of those colours.  They are also great examples of 'the power of hemp oil' and what to do with a lovely piece when it isn't  quite intact!

Happy reading!

Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint

A few weeks ago, I ordered my sample kit so that I could start playing with the colors and finishes. I saved this particular piece especially for milk paint. 
Of my three sample colors, I opted to paint this one shutter Gray and Ironstone. 

The original mirror was missing so I used the frame to make a chalkboard instead. Perfect as a dining room buffet! 
Ironstone is painted in the details.
I was hoping for a chippy look throughout, but it really only chipped on the legs and the white decorative piece on the front. 
I left the top in its original stain, but used the Hemp Oil to refresh the look and polish out some of the wear and scratching. 
It worked like a charm. Completely refreshed the top into the rich golden wood tones. 
The entire outside was given a protective finish with the beeswax which I loved. The beeswax was like tapioca pudding! Soft, textured and went on like a dream.

More Milk Paint Please!

The last of my Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint samples are dwindling and I'm anxiously awaiting my first shipment which should arrive any day now! 

I scraped together the last bit of Ironstone White to paint this fabulous executive desk. 

All original hardware intact and a beautifully finished wood top that needed nothing more than a bit of cleaning and some hemp oil to revitalize the finish. 

White is not one of my "go to" colors for projects. With several years of painting and selling under my belt, it is one of the least sell-able colors on furniture, though I sell more cans of white paint than any other color. So, go figure!

I opted for white on this desk because I thought it would be a bright and sharp contrast from the rich wood.

I was really banking on a nice chipped look and thought for sure I would get lots of chipping because of the glossy varnish, but it just didn't "chip" like I was hoping.

It kind-of peeled away in places.

The distressing on the sides really makes the wood detailing and framing pop.

And, for visual interest, I added the numbers in Pure White on the top of the desk. 

Excerpts from Michele's blog: Knot Too Shabby furnishings

Apple Box Boutique

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