November 16, 2012

Project Personality: Bring on the Bling!

Project Personality
with Apple Box Boutique founder Leanne Playter Korsos

Wow... time flies!  It's been a while since I've written a Project Personality post, and I thought it was high time I did.  It's been an incredibly busy few months at the boutique with limited time to talk about anything besides what is happening in our little Apple Box, but I am feeling inspired by the winter wonderland that surrounds us.

This season brings reunions and dinners and dancing and parties and fun, fun, fun.  The best part is that even though I live a good part of my life in paint clothes, this time of year holds all those wonderful reasons to put on fancy dresses and get dolled up.

As you know, I love to share great finds and this one is perfect for adding eye-catching sparkle to your holiday ensembles! 

Not quite ready to flaunt your blingy baubles?  Why not check out the opulently elegant 'Anna Karenina' this weekend for a little inspiration. Set at the tail end of the Romantic Period, where fashion was luxurious and jewelry was more than sumptuous, this epic tale will surely entertain your inner fashionista!

When 'the fancy' strikes you, shop for Dance With Me earrings and more at my personal jewelry boutique

If you are interested in why I am involved with Simply You jewelry even while running full speed ahead at Apple Box Boutique, all is revealed in this excerpt from a previous post:

Simply You is well-priced, fashion-forward jewelry that provides an opportunity to make a good income, get great deals on jewelry (often free) and how much time you devote to the business is entirely up to you.

Being a busy gal with family, friends and a couple of businesses to run, I like that I can be involved with SY on my own schedule.  But here is the biggest reason I am involved...

Kidding... the free stuff is a nice perk, but most of all it is really gorgeous stuff with equally great prices.  But don`t just take my word for it, take a look for yourself -- I love it so much that I added a page to ABB`s website.

That way I can share the love!

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