November 03, 2012

Our November Colour of the Month: $45 of Fabulous

Talk about a response! We announced this:
Our November 'Colour of the Month' is 
Emperor's Silk Chalk Paint by Annie Sloan
Get it for just $45 (while quantities last)!

... and you nearly bought us out in mere days!  Luckily we have friends in 'colour-full' places and we have managed to get our hands on an ample re-supply.

This is obviously a colour that others love as much as we do.  In our previous blog about it we showed you a smattering of the wonderful projects out there -- so many gorgeous creations using Emperor's Silk -- and today we are sharing more finds featuring fabulous layering, combos and custom mixes, all originating with our Colour of the Month selection.

Here goes!
Graphite layered over Emperor's Silk
Graphite wash over Emperor's Silk
Coco and Emperor's Silk
Emperor's Silk, Provence, Old Ochre Floor Cloth
Provence, Emperor’s Silk, a little Arles and Chateau Grey
Emperor's Silk, Old Ochre, Olive
Old White mixed with Emperor's Silk
1 part Emperor's Silk mixed with 2 parts Old White
Barcelona Orange mixed with Emperor's Silk
Cream and Emperor's Silk
Graphite and Emperor's Silk
Graphite, Emperor's Silk, Country Gray letters, Duck Egg Blue (top letters) and Old White body
Primer Red mixed with Emperor's Silk
Napoleonic Blue, Emperor's Silk, Old White over vinyl
Napoleonic Blue, Emperor's Silk, and Old White Chalk Paint
Greek Blue, Emperor's Silk, and Pure White
Florence, Arles, Barcelona Orange, Emperor's Silk

Emperor's Silk over Versailles and frame in Emperor's Silk mixed with Old White
This one is full-on Emperor's Silk but just too gorgeous not to share...

Emperor's Silk with Dark Wax
Just a reminder as well that until November 8th, your in-store purchase of $25 or more on home decor, one-of-a-kind furniture or Chalk Paint™ and supplies gets you entered into our draw for an Annie Sloan book and apron:

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