October 15, 2012

Reimagined Monday: Introducing "Boxwood" by Miss Mustard Seed


As promised in our Blog post last Friday, today's Reimagined Monday brings us the final reveal from the 12 fabulous colours that make up Miss Mustard Seed's new designer line of Milk Paint.

The whole collection is arriving at Apple Box Boutique this week, and we can't wait to have it on our shelves!  It is also available to pre-purchase online so if you are out-of-town or want to be sure not to miss your favourite colour, visit The Apple Cart and order before it's gone!

And now for the big reveal... As Miss Mustard Seed writes:

Say hello to “Boxwood”

It’s now time to introduce the 12th and final color in my line of milk paint.  Say hello to “Boxwood.”

Here’s what the piece looked like before…

My inspiration for the color was a boxwood bush (obviously.)

I love the rich, green color of the leaves…

…and it looks striking on a piece of furniture.  It’s a bold color, but very classic as well.

…and, I’m sure you noticed, the paint isn’t chipped or distressed at all.  I used the bonding agent on this piece for a super smooth finish.  

This is a certain to be a favourite Milk Paint colour of ours at Apple Box Boutique... it just might have something to do with our corporate logos!


Okay, that last one isn't ours.  But you have to admit-- it is attention-getting!

Apple Box Boutique
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