October 03, 2012

Now In: European Paint & Wax Brushes by Annie Sloan

Our latest shipment of Chalk Paintby Annie Sloan has arrived and with it came something we have excitedly been awaiting!

Chalk Paint & Wax brushes are here from Europe!  These are the brushes Annie Sloan developed and uses every painting day.

We'd hesitated on bringing them in because their pricing means they are a bit of an investment, but wow, what a difference they make.

They use less paint, minimize brush strokes and have a whole different feel to them than our North American 'straight' brushes. They have an oval ferrule and are being given an overwhelming 'thumbs up' by professional and part-time painters on both continents.

And they clean up like a dream, which means they'll be your go-to brush for a very long time.

Annie wrote on her website, "Made of pure bristle, this is a great brush for painting, particularly to achieve texture. It is oval, with a metal ferule and wooden handle.

These type of brushes have always been my favourite as they allow you to paint expressively as the bristle is strong and firm but pliable. They can also be used for applying wax

We like that they cross over and can be used for paint or wax and we love that they are exceptional with both.

Starting today they will be available at the Boutique and online, but there are limited quantities, so you'll want to act fast!

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