October 24, 2012

Chalk Paint™ & MMS Milk Paint: Two Talented Sisters

We receive heaps of questions about the difference between Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint and Chalk Paint™ by Annie Sloan, so it is always nice to get someone else's take on it. Stephanie of Me and Mrs Jones wrote this fun (and accurate) article comparing the two and we wanted to share it with you!

Happy reading!

chalk paint™ & milk paint: compare/contrast

there seem to be lots of questions lately about how these two mediums compare. since we’re now carrying both at the studio, (and clearly, i adore the two paints, and the creative, generous women behind each brand) here is mrs. jones’s take, for what it’s worth.

to me, they’re like two talented girls from the same family…both environmentally gentle, water-based materials chock-full of pigment. in each line, the paints can be easily intermixed to create new colors and layered to fabulous effect. both sand out like silk, and finish beautifully with waxes, glazes, gilding, lacquer, hemp oil, and burnishing paste. they can used just as you like: thinned out as washes, or thickened to slather on, adding texture to your surfaces. both paints stencil brilliantly. they distress in gorgeous, authentic, but varying ways. and, like sisters, they have differences too.

chalk paint™ is the conscientious older sib in this scenario. her steady temperament can always be counted on. her gorgeous hues and consistency are unfailing from one can to the next, she won’t fuss at you for applying her in a variety of conditions, and her adherent quality is completely reliable. her color palette is sophisticated and elegant (perhaps it was that semester abroad?) though she can go all country on you, too, if you let her. she ages very softly and gracefully, looking all the better for just a little gentle wear.

milk paint, on the other hand, is the darling but slightly unpredictable little sister. you’re always going to have fun with her, and there are times that she’ll stick right to you, but other moments where she may chip, crackle and flake out a bit (though in a most attractive way.) mix her with water when you’re ready, but don’t expect her to be tamed – she may leave in her wake streaks of undiluted pigment, or slubby little bits where she refused to blend in. you’ve got to admire her spirit…she’s going to do her own thing, and she’ll look fabulous in the process, in slightly clearer and more american farmhouse/vintage-y colors.

if you like painted furniture – especially if you enjoy painting it yourself – you’ll need to make the acquaintance of both of these lovelies at your earliest convenience.

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