October 01, 2012

Reimagined Monday: Giving Adoption Hope to Sad & Lonely Kitsch

Happy Reimagined Monday, everyone!

It's Leanne here, and I am very happy to be hosting Reimagined Monday today.

Why?  Because anyone who has talked to me about Chalk Paintby Annie Sloan knows that I am super-enthusiastic about it.  I have been since the day I first tried it, long before it landed in our little Boutique.  I love it for SO many reasons... its stress-freeness (hmmm... new entry in the lea-speak dictionary), its prep-free attributes, its look, its ability to stick to -- well, pretty much everything --

In fact, I haven't found anything yet that it doesn't adhere to and improve.  Which is one of my favourite things about Chalk Paintand the topic of today's blog entry... Giving adoption hope to those super-shiny, startlingly unappealing and outdated ornaments that are left sad and lonely on dollar store and thrift shop shelves across the nation.

Case in point... the great bunny makeover.  The lovely and always upbeat Janet of The Empty Nest has taken a pair of rather frightening, kitschy, over-lacquered rabbit types and transformed them into stunning little antiqued cottontails that anyone would be proud to display in a coveted spot on their mantlepiece.

Without further ado... Here are excerpts from Janet's blog post about her reimagined bunnies!

"Hello my friends!
Today I want to share a little painting project I worked on over the weekend.
Last week I bought two full size porcelain rabbits at a local thrift shop." 

"I mean really...look at this little guy.....way too shiny and a little scary looking.
Who's idea was it to dress this guy up with a funky blue ribbon???"
"He is just screaming out for some magical Chalk Paint™ decorative paint from Annie Sloan."
"Did you know Chalk Paint™ would adhere to glassy porcelain?
It absolutely does!"

"Here are my bunnies..yup, there were two ugly black mottled bunnies, after two coats of Old White."
" I have found that the secret to painting on super slick surfaces like glassy porcelain is to not try too hard.
By that I mean don't try to get full coverage all in one coat. I painted one coat of Old White, not worrying about complete coverage. Don't overwork your brushstrokes. You need to apply a light coat quickly and leave it alone!!! Like overnight leave it alone."

"THEN apply a second coat and the same technique applies.
Lay on the second coat and leave it alone to dry..don't mess with it!
The above rabbits have two full coats of Old White, over the span of two days.

"Here are two lovely rabbits  with two coats of Old White and a coat of Step 1 of
 Annie Sloan's wonderful 
Craqueleur  Varnish Crackle.
Have I told you how much I LOVE this product??
Yeah..I pretty much LOVE IT!!!"

"Step two is now applied and depending how thickly I apply it, will determine how bigs the cracks are.

Liberally apply dark wax all over the piece and rub it into the cracks.
"Pick up some clear wax and wipe all over your piece 
to clean off all the residue dark wax on your piece"

This is what the final effect will be.
Beautiful crackly, crazed and antiqued gorgeousness.
Can you say 

"The lovely thing about Annie's crackle medium is that it doen't touch the paint, but crackles the varnish."
"So cool!
You are able to achieve an antiqued old world varnish crackle."

"Hands down my favorite product!
You can get lovely looks with this product and try to attend a local workshop for some real fun."
"Until next kind and stay creative."

Thanks Janet!

I can say that I have successfully painted fabric, plastic, metal, enamel, laminate, and more... even those weird and unknown finishes that are slicker than a greased weasel!

But for many people it has to be seen to be believed, and Janet's bunny project is a wonderful example of how loveliness can be found in all things.  Sometimes it just takes a little reimagination!

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