October 09, 2012

This Chalk Paint™ Makeover Shifts into High Gear

We hope all of our Canadian friends enjoyed Thanksgiving weekend!   

Apple Box Boutique had yesterday off to give thanks, which meant there wasn't a blog post and so no "Reimagined Monday" feature -- but since this is a favourite article for staff and followers alike, we have decided to roar into Tuesday with a reimagination that has to be seen to be believed. 

 Buckle up, everyone! This Chalk Paint™ makeover shifts into high gear! 


... is a truck clearly made mostly of testosterone.

A scary camo-engulfed monstrosity owned by Jennifer of Metamorphose Upholstery and Furniture.  Even the bumper cover had abandoned the poor thing.

Not too many girls would venture out in such a beast.  In fact, that is exactly what Jennifer had named it.  But she is a brave gal, and a few days ago with the help of Rose of The Shabby Chicas, a wild and wonderful reimagination took place.

First, a little background -- Jennifer along with Melanie of The Hoity Toity Peacock came up with a scheme to make over "The Beast" with Chalk Paintby Annie Sloan.

I'm always talking about how it sticks to virtually everything, no prep required -- and I have bottles and plastics and metals and outdoor signs to show folks it's true!  But I have to say ... even the examples are bigger in Texas!  

It was decided the transformation would take place during The Original Round Top Antiques Fair last weekend.   What a great way to showcase Chalk Paint™!

For colour, Jennifer decided on 1 part Florence to 4 parts Old White.

On Saturday, without any real pomp or ceremony, she mixed two cans of Old White + half can of Florence with 1 can of water -- then, with the spirit of fun and determination driving them forward, Jennifer painted one side while Rose painted the other.

One and a half hours later and two coats painted completely with brushes (and a quart of paint to spare), the difference is stunning.

"The Beast"...
became "The Beauty"...

She needs a sturdy clear-coat and Jennifer's sister Michelle is going to bling up the bumper (I believe it was referred to as "Bedazzling"), but WOW... talk about Metamorphose!  It's no wonder that's the name of Jennifer's Houston shop.

For more on this fabulous makeover and to enter the contest to rename the new and improved 'beast', visit Metamorphose on Facebook.

Yes ma'am... that is definitely a Chalk Paint makeover that shifted into high gear!

Apple Box Boutique

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  1. Greetings from Whitby, Ontario! Wow what a transformation on that truck, looks awesome!!!


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