February 01, 2012

What is Smelly, Fuzzy and Perfect for Valentine's Day?

One girl's perspective on "the day of romance"...

This morning it is off to the land of wonderful choices, where aisles upon aisles of items await our decisions on what will make it to the boutique shelves. With Valentine`s Day quickly approaching, jewellery, chocolates and romantic meals lead the list for must-haves, at least in the blogs, flyers and television ads that tell us what we should want. But for me, a good old-fashioned bunch of flowers and a cuddly, loveable Teddy bear is hard to top. 

These days jewellery is flogged at every occasion, but it still seems to fit best with a proposal or an anniversary. Chocolates are given out at Halloween, Christmas and Easter, which somehow takes the 'special' factor out of them for Valentine's Day. Romantic meals are lovely at any time of year, though this might be a newsflash for some husbands. But a fluffy Bear and an aromatic bundle of flowers... that is unquestionably the perfect Valentine`s gift.

Why, you ask? Simply... Flowers require selection, some contemplation and an effort to make it, ahead of time, to a flower shop that knows exactly how to create a bouquet that will make your sweetheart swoon (personally, I feel that grocery store flowers are a little too "convenient" and don't send the same message, but maybe that's just me). Flowers are pretty, which makes most girls happy and even with their eyes closed your special someone will know by the sweet smell of their favourite flower that they are adored.

As for Teddy bears, they say so much... I love you, I want to cuddle you, I know you love me even when I need a grooming. Okay, maybe not that last thought, but otherwise what's not to love?

My vote is cast. What's yours?

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