February 15, 2012

At First Blush (New Chalk Paint Colour "Antoinette" Creates a Stir!)

Valentine's Day may have come to a close, but the shades of love live on... The latest addition to the Annie Sloan family of chalk paints is arriving very soon and

I. Just. Cannot. Wait.  

Please allow me to introduce... "Antoinette".

Image courtesy Paint Shoppe
This is simply the most beautiful, French-inspired blush pink I have ever encountered.  It may seem... well, odd to some that a paint colour could create such euphoria.  But it makes me happy... so, SO happy!

It is no secret to most that I have an affinity for the flamboyance that was Marie Antoinette, and I have the same giddy enthusiasm for all of the incredible sets, candy-coloured costumes and the too-fabulous-for-words Manolo Blahnik shoes that graced the screen in the the 2006 Sophia Coppola film.  If even one frame is accurate, it is proof that this paint has been heaven-sent from Marie herself.

It turns out that I am not the only one swooning.  Here are just a few of the lovely projects that have been posted online by Annie Sloan and other lucky testers in the U.S.:

Whatever it is... that intangible "je ne sais quoi" has my full attention!

So many dream projects awaiting "Antoinette"... Ooo-la-la!

*Where not noted on images, original sources are unknown.  Please let us know if credit can be provided!

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