February 10, 2012

Highlands Secrets

Highlands is a lovely, friendly place and a big part of what makes it special are the little gems you find here. Case in point: Sabrina Butterfly Designs.

Local fashion designer Sabrina O'Donnell was featured this week on Breakfast Television and it was especially exciting for those of us who happen to be "in the hood". Her boutique is just a few doors down and is such a unique, unassuming space that we like to think of it as one of our 'Highlands secrets'.

This week brought to the forefront that Sabrina and her fantastic line of clothing are in fact not a secret at all. Hers is a bustling, cozy, friendly shop that beckons a wide range of personalities looking for something special that will not only be beautiful but easy to care for.
Most of Sabrina's designs are wash and wear; she has managed to make dressing well very, very easy and the comfort level gets two big thumbs up. Plus she carries jewelery and other fun items. But don't just take my word for it. Stop in and see for yourself!

Sabrina Butterfly Designs is located in Highlands at #102, 6421-112 Avenue. And don't forget to swing by Apple Box Boutique to say hello!

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