January 30, 2012

Tangerine Tango

Well, I do not know how to tango (yet) but I love tangerines.  Do I still qualify to blog about this year's Pantone Hot Colour?

Each year designers and manufacturers pay close attention to market analysis results meant to determine the next great trend in colour.  Sometimes I love the reported winner and other times I don't.  And often I wonder what came first... the chicken or the egg, because when you see enough of a new trend it can sometimes grow on you.  I can't say that happened for me with pea green at the height of its popularity, though I quite like it now.  Maybe I am a late bloomer.

What I am confident of is that we are each unique and wonderful, and that market research reports do not define us.  I happen to love a vast array of colours, but right now I am favouring casual, cottage-chic-inspired decor.  It could be because it is the middle of winter and I am yearning for the beach.  Perhaps it is because I spent a good part of my early life surrounded by water and sand and I know how to have fun with the corresponding colours.  Or maybe I like the comfort factor of soft blues, driftwoody taupes and creamy off-whites... nothing glaring or startling about that, except perhaps for the bits of lemon yellow that sneak their way in... probably representative of the summer sun. Whatever the reason, right now that makes me smile and I'm not sure that is one of the questions asked of the Hot Colour of the Year focus group.

Case in point:  2011's Pantone pick was Honeysuckle.  I liked it, but I did not paint with it, or decorate with it, or wear anything in that colour last year.  I have a nail polish that could be considered "honeysuckle', though the label says "Bubble Gum".

Whatever the trend, whatever the report, I recognize that my clients have wide-ranging, interesting and very personal preferences, and that is what I listen for when we meet to discuss custom colour options.  So if anyone loves this:

or has a penchance for this:

or like me, wants something a little more like this:

...well, I am happy that they are happy; and to me, a client's "Wow, I LOVE it!" is all that really matters when a design project is being realized.

With or without hot stuff approval, go with what makes YOU smile.

Hmmm... how about a little of this?

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