January 25, 2012

Our Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Display

Yesterday was like Christmas all over again with the heaps of goodies that arrived. Which means today is the day our inventory of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint is going up on the shelves... and I am still staring down the cabinet I've selected to display it in.

I hadn't really thought about what it would be like to have 28 equally gorgeous paint colours to choose from.  It seemed like a no-brainer at first... the paint labels are white with blue lettering, so it appeared obvious to paint the cabinet in coordinating colours.  Then a feeling overcame me that it might be too matchy-matchy, and I swung the other way... offset the cans by respecting the colour wheel and go red.  But every time I look over at the towers of paint cans, well the deciding starts all over again.

So, I thought maybe some suggestions would be in order, and I'd love to hear yours!

This is the cabinet (apologies for the not-so-lovely picture provided by the perfectly-lovely previous owner):

 And these are the paint cans (yippeee!):

Photo courtesy of Trouvé Antiques

And... here are the options:

I have not included the 55+ colours you can make by mixing these (AS Chalk paint contains very little black pigment, at least all but Graphite, which means pure colour mixes... nothing to muddy them up).  That would just wreak further havoc on the current state of my aesthetic sensibilities (how's that for a mouthful), but we will look at the how-tos etc. on this blog in the future because it's just too much fun not to.

In the meantime, consider this my call for help.  I'm looking forward to your ideas of fabulousness!


  1. I would go for the ambusson blue and cream. Maybe do the cabinet distressed?? I feel that red would be too glaring for the shop.

  2. This is great feedback! Thank you... I will pull out those colours today and take a look at them with the paint labels. And yes, I agree... definitely distressed! :)

  3. My vote is Arles, simply because I am loving yellow lately and it looks great with blue and white. I haven't seen your shop though. But I live in Edmonton so I have to stop by soon now that I found out about you! (via your comment on Life in the Fun Lane.)

    1. Thank you for writing, Joanna. I love the Arles too, and agree that it would really make the blue and white stand out… with the bonus of a sunshiny Mediterranean feel (and who can’t use that during winter in Edmonton?). I am new to adoring yellow but went with it on the boutique walls and now can't get enough of it. I'm looking forward to meeting you when you stop by! In the meantime I'll be trying my hand at your Red Hearts tutorial… they are adorable.

  4. That cabinet is stunning! I'd love to see it in that Arles ( lightened up a bit though with cream!) or a vintage coat of versailles! Yum ( That's just my odd opinion of course!) I'm coming in to browse and hopefully inform my husband that he just worked the last 6 hours for free.. lol.. cheers...

    Amber- DIY mom from Sherwood park

    1. Hi Amber,
      Wow, great feedback, thank you! I love hearing from other DIYers and look forward to when you come in to browse.

      FYI: Tonight is our Late Night on the Ave event from 4:00 - 9:00 PM with 15% off furniture, discount coupons being handed out for free vases on certain floral packages, 15% off on select pre-booked Valentine's Day arrangements or dozen roses, a Valentine's contest and more! We also have musician Sara Isabel performing at 7:30 PM, and other shops along the block giving great deals etc. Sorry to be so wordy, but thought you might want to join in the fun/discounts and horrify your husband at the same time *lol

      Thanks again for your great idea on the cabinet. I did get it painted so it would be ready to hold the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint for tonight's event... I'll leave that as a surprise in case you stop in :) Please be sure to say hello if you do!


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