July 19, 2012

Finding Beauty in Imperfection

Project Personality
with Apple Box Boutique founder Leanne Playter Korsos

I've always been a person that loved the unusual.  I would not have described it that way myself, but I've heard it so often throughout my life that the phrase is always there for me to lean on when I am asked things like, "Really, Leanne?  I don't get it... why do you like that?"

Huh, well, because it has character.  It is unique in it's imperfection.  Like me.  Like all of us.

          Isn't that freeing?

There was a time in my life when I began to wonder if I was weird, because that was the word that kids used when they didn't agree with my tastes or ideas.  But thanks to my parent's belief that creativity should be celebrated, I decided to chalk it up to their more positive descriptions of being 'imaginative' or 'theatrical' and enjoy the experience.  Thanks, Mom and Dad!  You saved me from A LOT of therapy!

Now that I am (dare I say it) a grown-up, I appreciate even more having a different perspective to draw on.  It certainly helps in my 'retirement hobby' of  reimagining furniture.  I love the pieces that have character, that have generations of stories, that show the markings of the lives they inhabited.  The cherished, the once-loved, the discarded, the worn... I have a studio full of them and each and every one  is waiting to be a rejuvinated thing of beauty, enhanced through a fresh new finish and often distressed or embellished to help show its true personality.

                  The best part is... there is a community of 'weirdos' just like me.                   

One of the things that endeared Annie Sloan to me was an excerpt I found in one of her books.  It was her commentary on finding beauty in imperfection, and it goes like this:

Excerpt from Annie Sloan's book: Quick and Easy Paint Transformations

I couldn't agree more.

I LOVE being retired from the corporate world and living this phase of my journey in my studio and at Apple Box Boutique because I get to practice this fairly wabi-sabi aesthetic every day.  AND I get to share it with you.

So thank you, to all of you... this wonderful, inspiring community of the imaginative, the theatrical -- or the just darned "weird" like me -- for stopping in to this blog and the boutique, and for sharing your creativity.  I LOVE your company.

~ Leanne
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  1. What a lovely quote from Annie Sloan! I can see how "theatrical" would have been a word to describe you when you were growing up! You have a great personality, nothing weird about it!


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