July 16, 2012

Reimagined Monday: Dedication To A Friend

As many of you know, last week was a tragic one.  We lost our dear friend and colleague, Tara Jamieson of Lauren Lane Decor in Calgary.

Tara described herself as "a daughter, a sister, a friend, and someone who loves to refinish old furniture! I love thrift stores, coffee, well worn jeans, red wine, sunday brunch, making lists and my dogs Bella and Winston."  She had an indomitable spirit and a love for all things vintage.

Tara left her job as an accountant in the oil industry to start her own business painting furniture and in a few short months her talent found her as a major Canadian stockist for Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, a much-sought-after contractor, a media doll, and a guest celebrity with The Home and Garden Show.

One of her happiest moments was opening her own studio Lauren Lane Decor, where she designed and sold refurbished vintage furniture, and lead classes sharing her knowledge with others.  She packed a lot of living into just 30 years.

It has been difficult to accept that we must move forward in this business and this blog when we feel Tara's loss so fully. There is much to say about Tara as a person, and never enough time or space to do her justice, but we've come to the resolution that continuing well is a dedication to her presence in our memories and our hearts.  

Today's Reimagined Monday is a tribute to Tara's work... a celebration of her talent and love of painting.  She will be missed.

Country cabinet in ASCP  Arles by Tara Jamieson
Antique sideboard in ASCP CoCo by Tara Jamieson
Antique vanity in ASCP Duck Egg Blue by Tara Jamieson
Dresser in ASCP Emperor's Silk by Tara Jamieson
Christmas Mantle with frame in ASCP Emperor's Silk by Tara Jamieson
Antique dresser in ASCP Pure White by Tara Jamieson
Antique butler in ASCP French Linen by Tara Jamieson for Uniquities
 (Tara is reflected in the mirror at the Calgary Home & Garden Show 2012)
Dining table in ASCP recipe by Tara Jamieson, one of her favourites
(she had it photographed by Brian Bookstrucker)
Antique dresser in ASCP Pure White by Tara Jamieson
Dresser in ASCP Olive by Tara Jamieson
Antique dresser - Before
Antique Dresser - After, in ASCP Pure White by Tara Jamieson
One of the set of side tables - Before
Side Table - After, in ASCP mix of Emperor's Silk, Old White, and Scandinavian Pink by Tara Jamieson
Antique table - Before
Antique table - After, in ASCP Old White by Tara Jamieson
Two Step Dresser - Before
Two Step Dresser - After, in ASCP Old Ochre by Tara Jamieson
Gold French dresser - Before
French dresser - After, in ASCP Graphite by Tara Jamieson
Dresser in ASCP Antibes Green by Tara Jamieson for Reworks Upcycle Shop
Dresser in ASCP Barcelona Orange by Tara Jamieson


Photo of Tara by Kristen Shima of Shima Photography


  1. What a lovely tribute to Tara. I absolutely agree that continuing on is the best way to honor her. Cherish every moment.


    1. Thank you, Sue. Tara was such a vibrant person. We miss her and will always have her in our hearts.

  2. Such a nice post to remember Tara and her talents. It's lovely to look at all her beautiful pieces. This is such a devastating loss.

    1. Hi Katrina,
      It's been difficult to accept that she is gone and we are so sad for her family. It is still a shock, but we will remember always her talents and her energy.

  3. What a beautiful tribute, she would have been so proud! Still so hard to believe she is gone for good, I keep expecting her to breeze back thru the doors. Thanks for the visit over on the scrap me baby fb page, I am happy to be a new follower, and would love to meet you the next time I am up in Edmonton or if you come down here)
    Nicole @ scrap me baby

    1. Thank you for writing, Nicole I saw some of your wares at Lauren Lane a few weeks ago... very nice. I understand how you feel about expecting Tara to walk in. Every time the phone rings in the evening I feel like it should be Tara. It's been hard to adjust. I'd love to meet you too. I'm hoping to visit Avery in a couple of weeks... perhaps then?


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