May 23, 2013

Project Personality: Let's Catch Up (SO much to tell)!

Project Personality
with Apple Box Boutique founder Leanne Playter Korsos

Hello, and welcome to Project Personality -- It's time to catch up, don't you think?

I may lose everyone here, but I am going to go ahead and risk it... yup, because "risk" is my middle name!  Well, not really... Leanne is my middle name but we'll save that wacky story for another day :)

"Why might I lose you?", you ask!  Because once you read the following words you may very well be out the door and on the way to the boutique (or at least running around frantically looking for your car keys like I do) but there is more great news after this so I hope you'll hang around a minute.  

Are you ready?  Here goes...

We Are Restocked with Chalk Paint

We have shelf-loads of quarts, samples, brushes, books, aprons and anything you could possibly need to get going on your weekend and summer projects!  Just think... all it will take is opening a can.  No priming, no sanding, no worrying about the surface of virtually any object. Easy peasy!

But that's not all!  I did promise more great news...

We were double-shipped a paint order and are guaranteed not to run out of Scandinavian Pink as we near the end of May.  With this being our Colour of the Month, more Chalk Paint™ enthusiasts have given it a try and it has become immensely popular.  Now you can get your hands on some while the price is as low as we go.

If you like this:

I've always said you can hear the angels sing after the second coat of Chalk Paint™
or this:

Scandinavian Pink, Graphite and Old White Chalk Paint™... Oooo-la-la!
or this:
Gratuitous inclusion 'cause I love Flamingos
then you'll LOVE this:

Now, on to more info (does the arrow give that away?)
A while back we introduced "Something Old Something New" (SOSN), a special feature where we post an item that we have been hoarding for one reason or another, but that we need to let go of.  The best part is that we let go of it for way less than it is or may be priced at.

Here is the latest, knocked down from $135 to $95.  We've been hiding it in and around the boutique, referring to it as a good example of Chalk Paint™ in Emperor's Silk with Graphite and a clear wax finish.  It holds a bar fridge (honest, we kept it for the colour), is open in the back to allow for venting (the air-flow kind), and has a wine rack ('nuff said).  

As with any SOSN item, the first to claim it with their pocket book (in-store, online or over the phone) is the proud owner of this great bar cabinet, at a great price!

Want to learn how to makeover something
so it's as cute as this cabinet? 

We have two seats remaining in our Workshop this Sunday.  It is the "bring your own piece" class, which teaches you loads of stuff and is lots of fun (plus we eat yummy food!):
Click this cool logo to read about it and register!

Last but not least -- because there is too much good stuff to not mention it -- tonight is the Highland's Outdoor Farmer's Market from 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM.  It is across the street, so be sure to stop in at Apple Box Boutique (we're open until 9:00 PM Thursdays!) and visit all the other fabulous shops along the street.  Last week was bustling... get down early to make away with all the  goodies before they're gone!

Should I be this excited?  It may be because I snuck in the Flamingo picture.  Nope, it's because I've had so much fun catching up with you!

Looking forward to seeing you tonight!

~♥~ Leanne
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