May 02, 2013

A letter of thanks from Leanne

If you are a reader of our blog or our FB page, you’ll know that I left early in April for a trip to the UK we had entitled “Destination Downton”.  It was interesting and fun, and while there is much to share about that adventure, there is something else I want to focus on today.

There are numerous enough books and websites and wall hangings out there that remind us of why it is important so I am not going to preach to anyone about what it means to us as people to carry gratitude within us.  Instead, I want to very simply give my thanks.

Upon my arrival home from England, I was quite ill and unable to return to the boutique.  I’ve been very fortunate in my life, surrounded by a loving family and a network of fantastic friends who I appreciate every day.  I knew they would be there for me while I recovered because they are wonderful.  It’s built-in and none of them feel I need to say thank you.  I am thanking them anyway.

But I also want to give thanks to you… everyone who took the time to post notes, send emails, call the store and stop in to give well-wishes.  I’ve always known the people who visit and shop at Apple Box Boutique are a very special group, but this ordeal has ended that sentence with a HUGE exclamation point.  Such kindness and concern is still surprising because we all have busy lives and yet YOU stopped to care about 'the lady that owns that shop in Highlands'.

Your positive messages, your thoughts, your time and your friendship mean more to me than I can ever express in words.  I worry that this isn’t enough, I want you to know this comes from my heart, I wish I could write this in the sky…

Thank YOU.



  1. Hang in there Sweetie, wishing you lots of love and prayers for a quick recovery!

    1. Thank you, Mags... that is very much appreciated :) Feeling much better this week than last and excited to get back to the Boutique! ~Leanne

  2. Very nicely written glad you are on the road to feeling better! Sheila

    1. It is so sweet of you to write, Shiela... Thank you for your sentiments! :)


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