May 22, 2013

New “Dried Lavender” Milk Paint by Miss Mustard Seed

Marian Parsons, aka Miss Mustard Seed, is not just a favourite blogger and designer, she is a favourite person in our little boutique.  Authentic, talented and just plain lovely we are so happy to be a part of her fabulous family of Milk Paint retailers.

We signed on early, prior to the products even being available, and can honestly say we were not dissappointed when they arrived.  Excellent quality, fun to work with, no priming or sanding required prior to use thanks to a powerful bonding agent (or the option of glorious chippyness!), and twelve gorgeous colours that make it hard to choose between.

Today's Big News is that the core colour options have become a 'baker's dozen' ... Miss Mustard Seed has added a stunning new colour and all of us at Apple Box Boutique are in love.  While we fawn over the new addition, we will leave it to Marian herself to fill you in:

Say hello to “Dried Lavender”

"Here is the first new color I’m introducing…

Dried Lavender
DSC_9528 (571x640)
The names of my paint colors are all inspired by things I love or use in my home, so Dried Lavender fit perfectly.  I’ve sold it out of my space at Lucketts for years…
DSC_9513 (640x424) 
…and it’s in some of my more famous pictures…
When milk paint customers and retailers started asking me for a purple, I knew immediately this is the direction I would go.  I mean, I’m not really a purple person, so a grayish, smoky purple is about as far as I can go!

Here’s the dresser before…
DSC_9000 (424x640)
…and after…

DSC_9517 (424x640)

DSC_9518 (424x640)
…of course, I left the top wood, as is my custom."

We can't wait to have this on the shelves and it won't be long --  watch for our post when it arrives!

Apple Box Boutique
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