November 26, 2013

Reimagined Monday: 'Playing' with Chalk Paint™

Due to a technical issue, this week's Reimagined Monday post could not be published on time, but we love sharing our customers' projects far too much to let it pass us by.  So ...welcome to "Reimagined Monday on Tuesday!"

When we heard from Kelli Pack about her Chalk Paint™ project, it was music to our ears.  We love a custom creation, and painting a piano has it's challenges -- but WOW, the results are fabulous.

Kelli is a new Mom who completed this reimagining last year and submitted the pictures to our Reimagined Monday Draw this past week.  We are so happy she did!

Here is Kelli's piano makeover story:

"My name is Kelli Pack, mother of a 8 month old boy and live in Sherwood Park.  Last year I re-finished a beautiful 1949 Heintzman piano using Annie Sloan Chalk paint.  
I combined OLD WHITE and DUCK EGG BLUE.  

I loved the Duck Egg Blue but wanted to lighten it up a bit.  So I combined 1/4 cup old white to 1 cup duck egg blue and I was so pleased with the color. 

I gave the piano 2 coats of my paint mixture to get maximum coverage because the piano was a blonde maple I didn't want any of the original finish to show through.   
After painting the outside of the piano I realized I needed to take it apart in order to paint certain areas. Once I took it apart I saw that it was very filthy inside and so I took all the piano keys out and cleaned it out.   
 Putting it back together was pretty simple.  
After the two coats I did a coat of clear wax using a large round brush.  Then I did a coat of dark wax.
I went through a lot of clear wax because I didn't want it too look too distressed so I took off a lot of the dark wax using the clear wax.  The dark wax left behind slipped nicely into all the cracks and grooves to give it the perfect amount of distress that I was after.  Then I gave it a good buffer and voila!
 Overall it was probably a good 40 hours of work including gutting the piano and cleaning it out and then painting and waxing.   

Then the fun part of moving it into the living room. Nothing a 4 man team can't handle!
This was my very first project with chalk paint and I absolutely love it.

I just want to thank Leanne at Apple Box boutique for all the tips because without her I definitely would have screwed this up :)

Hope you enjoy the pictures!!"

Thank you to Kelli for sending this to us.  We're excited to share your story in this special edition Reimagined Monday on Tuesday -- we love a happy ending!

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