November 21, 2013

Project Personality: Custom Colours Made Easy-Peasy!

Project Personality
with Apple Box Boutique founder Leanne Playter Korsos

Hello and welcome to Project Personality!  Today I am going to share a bit of a secret with you -- an easy-peasy way to create a 'personality colour'.  We all have colour preferences, and if you are like me, it is more about shades than colours.  I like blues, but only if they have certain undertones.  I like reds, as long as they don't have too much orange in them.  And I like orange.  Crazy, right?  Or maybe not...

One of the questions we get asked a lot at our Boutique and in our Studio is how to mix paint colours to achieve that perfect shade of... well, whatever it is our customer's heart desires.

The great news is that Annie Sloan developed her Chalk Paint™ with 31 gorgeous colours AND the concept that they should freely be mixed together to create new and personalized shades.

She went a step further and published her Work Book to provide information, tips and a great place to paint your creations, explaining that is was meant to help "plan the colour palettes of a room, work out a piece of furniture, and draw little sketches. You can use the pockets to collect ribbons, fabric pieces and cuttings from magazines. Experiment with colour combinations making your own mixes."
It's a fantastic tool and lots of fun to fill it with your creativity.

Sometimes, though, you are looking for quicker way to get to a colour, and The Purple Painted Lady has the answer.  She developed an online Paint Mixer that allows you to add different amounts of 'paint' to get to the colour you've been dreaming of.

I was looking for a 'muted peacock' colour using Chalk Paint™ decorative paint.  Have you ever tried to explain something like that to someone?  I did, and while they worked hard to come up with my vision, it was always a bit too blue, or too green and nothing like what I was envisioning.

I turned to the Chalk Paint™ mixer and created this:

All I had to do was start layering in the colours by adding 'parts'!

Mixing 1 part of Antibes Green to 3 parts Aubusson Blue brought my vision to life in a matter of seconds.  I could have added a third colour, but I loved what I saw and that's all it took for me to grab a paint brush and get started!

It is good to keep in mind that since this is an online tool, your monitor will play a part in how closely your virtual mix matches the actual colour, but I have to say that mine was petty darned close. I'll share the painted piece with you as soon as I finish it up so you can see the results!

I happened to use it for the Annie Sloan paint line, but The Purple Painted Lady also created one for Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint - another hugely popular paint product.

We're fortunate to carry both these paint collections, and I am already mixing up a custom Milk Paint shade for a client's piece.  I'd love a 'corally orange' -- yup, another shade that currently doesn't seem to exist out in the 'real world' but that is floating around my imagination and as pretty as can be.

I am inspired to create it!  Next stop:  The Purple Painted Lady's Paint Mixer!

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  1. Leanne, I am so using this!!! Thank you so much for sharing The Purple Painted Lady's color mixer with us. I'm thrilled that she's done this for both paint companies.
    Marie Blackburn
    The Interior Frugalista


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