March 11, 2013

Reimagined Monday: Double the Thrill!

When Marilyn and Jim stopped in at Apple Box Boutique, the visit started out with a conversation about how to refinish a couple of lamps. Marilyn took a keen interest in Chalk Paint® and made a command decision to dive enthusiastically into not one, but two projects straight away... fearlessness indeed. But after a few minutes of chatting it became clear that she comes by that courageous spirit naturally.

This lovely couple shared such interesting stories about Marilyn's father and his experiences and capture at Dieppe that I was mesmerized and humbled, to say the least.  I want to express how incredibly thankful I am for people like this brave and honourable man, who served our country as a member of the Canadian Armed Forces.  My father-in-law served as well and so this story felt very close to home.

A short time later, we received an email from Marilyn with pictures of her painted pieces.  She wrote that she was 'thrilled' with the outcome.  We can see why!

Her first project was to take a pair of outdated but good quality floor lamps and make them at least cottage-worthy.

Two quick coats of  Chalk Paint® and they were transformed into pieces that Marilyn has decided are too beautiful to banish and have now found a place in her home.

Excited about the results, she decided to update a mid-century dresser as well.

  With those great lines and insets, this piece went from so-so to so-fabulous

Together, these reimagined pieces brighten up the room with their fresh and stylish new look!  That is definitely double the thrill.

Apple Box Boutique
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