April 22, 2013

Reimagined Monday: Tatiana's Bedside Table

It's our first official Reimagined Monday since returning from our Destination Downton trip, and we're really excited to share this one with you.

A few weeks ago, Kerry Engel visited the Boutique along with her daughter Tatiana.  They were on a mission to complete a project during spring break and it immediately became clear that these two lovely ladies were already experienced crafters!

Tatiana had been remaking her bedroom and wanted to reimagine her sidetable to work with her new decor. And WOW... does this teen have an eye for design!

Tatiana's Bedside Table

Arles... it is one of our favourite Chalk Paint® colours and it is a bold choice.  Tatiana, fabric swatch in hand, was fearless and confident that this was the right colour for her bedside table.

This sweet and simple table has great lines and is the perfect piece to showcase a pop of colour without being fussy or overstated.

Some of the great things about Chalk Paint® are that it has no smell, is low-VOC and dries quickly, which makes painting indoors a dream.  

Tatiana threw down a little cardboard to protect the floor and started her project on-the-spot.

Since the table was previously grey, Tatiana distressed through the Arles to let just enough peek through to create dimension, and to pull in the grey in her wallpaper and linens.

The result is this fabulous, custom piece:

 ... the perfect accent for an already stellar bedroom makeover.
All phtotos courtesy of Kerry Engel

Kerry and Tatiana breezed into the Boutique like a breath of fresh spring air and then infused it into the decor.  We think we may have a future designer in our midst!

Thank you for sharing your project, Tatiana... We can't wait to see what you do next.

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