September 16, 2013

Here is Part One of Three BIG Announcements!

We've been hinting at some BIG news!  There are actually three REALLY BIG events coming over the next few weeks, but we wanted to let you in on one of them.  And since it is Reimagined Monday, we thought this would be the perfect day for it.

We do our best to hear our customers, and one of the things we've been told is that you wish we had another location closer to the North and West ends of the city.  While we aren't giving specifics quite yet, we can say that we are close to accomplishing that.

So, stay tuned for more details to come this month, with a very big
                        -------- (and we mean HUGE) --------
surprise to follow.  But for now, we are very happy to share this with you:

Happy Monday, everyone!

Apple Box Boutique
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