February 25, 2013

Reimagined Monday: Ugly Duckling 80's Dresser to Swan

Hello!  It's Reimagined Monday and we are very excited to share this fantastic project with you.

One of the things we've been doing at the Apple Box studio is use legs on otherwise average pieces to give them some real 'stage presence'.  Today's entry is a fabulous example from one of our lovely customers, Kathryn Brandt.  Completed last summer, Kathryn's dresser is a real showstopper!

Here is the before pic of the dresser Kathryn bought on kijiji for $35:

Unremarkable, outdated and blah-brown veneer it is hard to envision this ugly duckling becoming a swan.  But with a little Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan and some reimagination, anything can happen!

Kathryn wrote, "...I sure loved the paint - super easy to use and such beautiful colors ! I also bought these legs from home depot for $5 each and had my hubby install on bottom to make it less dresser like and more entertainment unit ish!"

The legs are cute and inexpensive and an assortment of styles can be found at most hardware and home renovations stores:
Rather than make a heavy investment, Kathryn then sprayed the hardware with black spray paint and this swan took flight:

Kathryn Brandt's gorgeous cabinet in French Linen Chalk Paint®

Gorgeous! All of us at the Boutique just love this piece and continue to gush over it; but we'll leave the final words to Kathryn...

"So fun and can't wait to do another project!!" 

Apple Box Boutique
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