December 10, 2012

Reimagined Monday: The Real Deal -- Milk Paint!

Welcome to Reimagined Monday!

Fabulous Janet of The Empty Nest decided to go all in with the colour Tricycle from Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint line.  Here are the results in an excerpt from her enthusiastic article about her experience using Milk Paint for the first time:

I decided that if The Empty Nest was going to carry
Miss Mustard Seed's
new line of Milk Paint colors, then I should become the best spokesperson possible.

Here is the dresser I chose.
Very well made and with beautiful lines.
However the orangey wood has to go.

Not being a shrinking violet, I chose
a spunky cool red.
Well what do you know....
Marian was right, it does just flake off in spots.
I did not use the bonding agent.
Yeah, I live life on the edge!

After two coats of Milk Paint
some sanding with a sanding sponge
a coat of Miss Mustard Seed's wax
She has a whole new sassy attitude.

So what do you think?

I am really pleased with the results..
  I know you are dying to hear my take on Milk Paint.
Amuse me folks..
"Yes Janet...we are dying to hear you opinion!" you go...

1. I will admit the mixing part will take a little bit of getting used to, but it was not rocket science and only took a few minutes.

2. For those wondering how it differs from my beloved Chalk Paint™ decorative paints.
The minute I applied the first brush stroke, I new this was a whole different ballgame.

3. Milk Paint smells different..feels different..reacts to surfaces differently, distresses is simply
I in no way mean that in a negative's just apples & oranges

4. Two coats covered nicely and I used very little powder. You will get multiple projects per back..easily.

5. I mixed the Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint powder with warm water to make a smoother paint.

6. It dried pretty quickly.

7. I was able to get a super smooth feel after sanding..nice.

8. Love how the paint will literally flake off in spots..instant age.

9. Miss Mustard Seed's wax was super easy to apply with a soft cloth and has a nice sheen
 (Mr. Secret Agent is beginning to wonder where all his t-shirts are)

10. I buffed 30 minutes later

11. I'm happy

Marian's colors are beautiful and I found the paint easy to work with.

Almost forgot to add...
no prepping was done to my dresser other than a good cleaning.

 So there you have it...

Milk Paint by Miss Mustard Seed (Marian Parsons) is so popular it is hard to keep it on the shelves so with Christmas coming, and knowing how great a gift this is, we are 'stocking' up!

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