September 04, 2012

Project Personality: Vintage Suitcase DIY

Project Personality
with Apple Box Boutique founder Leanne Playter Korsos


Yes, I am shouting that at the top of my voice... I really have an adoration for them, so when I saw these fantastic Suitcase DIY projects, I just had to share.

Perusing Ruche for a new fall cardie garnered something bigger than a warm and fuzzy... it brought absolute joy...
Get ready to join me in a Snoopy-Happy-Dance!

-Vintage suitcase
-4 Table legs
-8 Flat washers + 4 Wing nuts
-Power drill
-Paint + Paint brush
-Measuring tool (yard stick, measuring tape, etc.)

1. Measure out where you want to position the table legs and mark it on the surface of the suitcase.
2. Use a power drill to create holes at the points that you marked.

3. Paint the four table legs any color you want and give them time to dry before attaching. (Note: You can also paint them afterwards, but the table legs might be easier to handle while they're still unattached).

4. Place one flat washer onto each table leg.

5. Affix the table legs onto the suitcase by twisting them into the holes you drilled.
6. Place one flat washer over each hole inside of the suitcase.

7. Screw a wing nut over the top to secure each table leg.
8. Decorate your coffee table with vintage books and other lovely details!
9. Share this DIY project with others on Pinterest ♥

-Mod Podge
-Paint Brush
-Measuring Tool
Directions (Lace):
1. Measure and cut out a section of lace that covers one side of your suitcase.
2. Brush on a thick layer of mod podge at the edges of the suitcase.
3. Place the lace over the mod podge. Line up the edges of the lace with the edges of the suitcase and hold them in place for a few seconds.
4. Allow time for the mod podge to dry. Repeat on the other side and then you're done!

 5. Share this lovely lace project with everyone on Pinterest! ♥

Directions (Chevron):
1. Measure out a piece of fabric that fits the dimensions of your suitcase. Use a marker to trace a chevron pattern onto it.
2. Cut the chevron pieces out of the fabric.

3. Brush mod podge onto the suitcase and position the chevron pieces as desired.

4. Allow time to dry and then repeat on the other side.

 5. Share your love for chevron with others on Pinterest ♥

I happen to have a trip planned this month and now I can't wait to dress up my suitcase!  I'm thinking organza ruffles and damask.

How about you?

~~ Leanne

*Projects and photos courtesy of Ruche
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