September 10, 2012

Barefoot Venus Giveaway & Annie Sloan Chalk Paint™ Updates

Usually Mondays are reserved for Reimagined Monday, but we are putting all that on the back burner while we catch up on a few things!  Don't worry -- it will be back next week!  As for today:

First... the winner of the Barefoot Venus Lilly Pilly Giveway is...

Nicole Ter Mors McEachern

Congratulations Nicole!  

Barefoot Venus is natural and oh-so-decadent!  We hope you love it as much a we do.

Second... for everyone wondering what has happened with our Annie Sloan Chalk Paint™ shipment, there have certainly been trials and tribulations in getting it to Alberta, but things are looking up!

After slowly making its way to and then being halted at the border due to things we won't bore you with but having to do with a little something called Hurricane Isaac and its after-affects, things are looking good for it to be in our hands toward the end of this week.  

We've been assured that this is very unusual and future shipments will get here easy-peasy.  Or is that easily-peasily?  

Either way, as soon as this one arrives we will be getting paint and wax off to those who ordered online for shipping or for pick-up in boutique. Once those orders are filled, we'll send the rest in to the boutique!  

If you know what you want we recommend you order from our website to beat the rush.

And now it's time for... 
For your patience, for hanging in there with us, and for just being you -- our fantastic customers, friends and followers!

It may be a little quiet around the blog for a few days, but there will be much to tell soon!

Have a fabulous week! 

Apple Box Boutique
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  1. Easily-peasily...that's hilarious! And grammatically correct! (well, as correct as it can be );-) Congratulations to the winner!

    1. *LOL Well, I try :D Thanks, Joanna! Have a fantastic week! ~Leanne


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