May 07, 2012

Reimagined Monday: Chalk Painting Fabric (Wow, It Works!)

Today's Reimagined Monday is short and sweet but OH SO FABULOUS!

Just when we thought there couldn`t be a single thing left to make us love Annie Sloan Chalk Paint (ASCP) any more than we already do, along comes...

Painting on Fabric

Yes, it`s true.  You can paint on fabric with ASCP so all those great colours we know and love can coordinate in our rooms with the furniture and decor we`ve already reimagined or aspire to create.

The following are examples of two very different looks with one great paint...

Amber and Brad of Shades of Amber stenciled onto dropcloth pillows:

"We reupholstered the bench cushions using a large drop cloth and made pillows out of burlap and the leftover drop cloth material."

"To add interest and to help break up the monochromatic theme, we Chalk Painted the pillows using various stencil designs. We used French Linen, CoCo and Graphite on the pillows. Yes, you can use Chalk Paint on fabric! Because the paint is so highly pigmented, it just fades ever so slightly each time you wash it. This fading only adds to the beauty of the look."

"For an even softer tone on tone look, we used Old White on this pillow below."

And Teresa Decker loved this headboard, but not the dusty rose tufting:

Her answer?  Paint the silk with ASCP in Old White, then finish with clear wax: 

"To answer some questions..yes, i did water down the paint a bit, then hand brushed it with a small brush moving in the direction of the pleating. it took two coats, but not that much paint. I then applied soft wax with a soft cloth getting into those pleats. It is soft to the touch, it does not crack or flake if you push into it. As far as how it will hold up...only time will tell, but it feels quite durable and shows no signs of cracking. I think a coat of clear wax now and again will keep it supple. thank you again for all of the complements, and mostly, thank YOU Annie! I am quite flattered that you responded and liked what I did with your magical paint! :-)"

How could anyone, including Annie Sloan, not love a result like this:

I`m already "shopping" the studio for fabric to try this on.  Or I may just skip out to pick up a dropcloth to stencil!


Thank you to GraphicsFairy for this image.

Here is how to share your reimagined paint project at On the Apple Box:

Send us a description of how you used Annie Sloan Chalk Paint to get from your vision to the reimagined piece, before and after pictures, pictures of your project in progress or a couple of it in its finished state, and you may be highlighted on our blog!


  1. Both of those are so amazing! I'm thinking of stencilling on dropcloths to make new curtains for my living room. The ones I have now I made, but it was right before I decided to change my decor from red/gold/brown to turquoise/olive/white. I want to imitate some Anthropologie curtains.

    1. I`m excited to see what you create, Joanna! ASCP Provence is one of my fav. colours... lovely turquoise.

  2. wow! thank you for featuring my headboard! how awesome!
    check out my website for my other ASCP pieces, and THANK YOU, Im so glad you liked the headboard. Love Love Love Annie Sloan!

    1. Yay, Teresa! I just noted on your Facebook page how happy we are to hear you are opening Escote Lane :) Congratulations... we're looking forward to seeing more of your fabulous (and fearless) creations!

  3. I was curious if anyone has tried this on couches, chair and if it holds up?

    1. Hi Lori,

      Yes it has been tried and met with success. There are many examples of upholstery being painted with Chalk Paint™ and it has been blogged about which is great for inspiration and information! If you use Google to search for images using the keywords "Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Fabric" you will find a good collection of projects. Just click the image you’d like to know more about and you will be taken to the associated website where you can find out more about the process.

      Searching that string of keywords in Pinterest also yields many examples, most with links to the source under the images.

      Here are a few to get you started:

      Happy Painting!



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