April 02, 2012

Reimagined Monday: Maison Decor's Kitchen Makeover

For over 20 years, Amy Chalmers has been beautifying homes in Boston and area through her company Amy Chalmers Interiors.  Her blog Maison Decor is packed with great pics and design examples and led to Amy being featured several times in Romantic Homes magazine.

Last year she completed her own kitchen makeover and her go-to paint was Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Old White and Paris Grey.  But there is so much more to her kitchen re-do that I wanted to share it all (including the Home Depot beadboard wallpaper... one of my favourite things).

Here it is in all its glory... The Amy Chalmers Interiors kitchen makeover:

 The kitchen cabinets were done in Annie Sloan chalk paint.I went round the bend trying to decide if I was going to stick with the chalk paint or use a conventional paint. 
In the end, I decided to distress the cabinets and with that decision,the easy choice was to use the chalk paint.
 The upper cabinets are in Old White,
 the lower cabinets are in Old White with Paris Grey wash.
 I used a paint brush to do all the cabinets. 
They were painted in place as they have
 hidden hinges and it was easier that way.
I lightly distressed the cabinets on the top.
The bottom cabinets were distressed a little heavier.
 All were finished in clear wax.
 Bright and cheerful with a  farmhouse vintage appeal.
The island light fixture came from a swap shop at a dump.
It was the perfect solution for our off center island.
 The window brackets are also a vintage addition 
that holds a shelf for displaying items.
A kitchen with cabinets to the ceiling doesn't 
allow for any display space, so this works well.

The stainless bucket to the left of the window is a composter.
You put all your veggie clippings, eggshells and coffee grounds inside
and a week later it is mushy...then throw it in your garden.
It is amazing, and we love it. You can get one  at TJMaxx.
The bronze rabbit got a lot of interest the last time I posted on the kitchen.
We picked him up at the Chilmark Flea Market on Martha's Vineyard.
He is holding my sugar bowl, but at parties he sits on the island and holds nuts.
The floors are maple.
 The view from the dining room into the kitchen to the back door.
 Marble countertops would look quite nice with the grey and white~
 The kitchen is a small room that is like the spoke of the wheel in our house.
All rooms connect by halls to this space, except the living room.
The console table is a nice place to set up a bar or deserts when entertaining.

These tulips came from our garden.
The view towards the dining room. 
This wall is one I would like to remove.
The problem is finding a good spot to relocate the refrigerator.
When I figure that out, I can imagine my kitchen filled with sunshine.
I took pictures with the lights on and then all the lights off.
The pictures with the lights on make the kitchen look green.
Anyway, this view shows the dining room filled with sunshine.
Imagine this space all opened up...
 The difference white cabinets make in a dark space is just amazing and uplifting.
Our kitchen island is made by the John Boos company.
They specialize in wonderful butcher block islands.
One last look at what used to be our kitchen....
the total cost of this mini-reno was 
3 quarts of chalk paint and a can of wax.
The result is one lovely kitchen!

Amy also has an Etsy site, and though her wares are available for shipping in U.S. only, they are still fun for the rest of us to ogle and be inspired.

We are partnering with Tara Jamieson of Lauren Lane Decor to offer Kitchen Reinvention classes in Edmonton starting May 27thClick here to read more about this + other paint classes and get registered!

Happy Reimagined Monday!

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