March 22, 2012

In April: The Works of Renowned Canadian Artist Joseph Cross

At the boutique, one of the very important self-imposed mandates... we like to call it our joy... is to highlight local and Canadian artists, musicians, designers and the like whenever we have the opportunity.  In this case we are overjoyed!

I have been a huge fan of artist Joseph Cross for years.  Working from his studio in Cranbrook, B.C., he manages to capture the imagination through his perspective on how we live and have lived.  His range is inspired, painting environments, people and depicting historic events in a way that makes one feel a part of the time and space they took place in.

Joseph is a "true red and white Canadian" with a love for his country and the people who inhabit it.  Everyday events and objects come to life through his paintbrush and we couldn`t be happier to share his vision.  We are very excited to announce that Apple Box Boutique will carry three limited edition prints that fit exceedingly well with our cottage-chic/shabby-chic decor options.

Each piece is signed and numbered, and has a story of its own.  Stop in at the boutique in April to view them first-hand, and learn more about their origins. Then make one your very own.

To see more of Joseph`s artwork, visit his website at  Be prepared to be inspired!


  1. LOVE the "Treasures at Turquoise Bay" print!! Are you selling a print at the boutique?

  2. Hi Jolene! Joseph has so many lovely paintings, but we're really excited to have this particular print coming in. It will arrive at the boutique the next week!


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